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University of Oldenburg
30.09.2023 10:47:54
bio450 - Posters, Pictures, Presentations and Papers (Course overview)
Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences 9 KP
Semester courses Sommersemester 2023
Form of instruction: Exercises Form of instruction: Exercises
Hinweise zum Modul
Kapazit├Ąt/Teilnehmerzahl 10 (
Letter of motivation
Module examination
Portfolio (100%)
Skills to be acquired in this module

+ interdisciplinary knowledge & thinking
+ abstract, logical, analytical thinking
+ deepened expertise in biological specialist field
++ independent learning and (research-based) working
++ data presentation and evidence-based discussion (written and spoken)
++ (scientific) communication skills
+ project and time management

Practical experience with four forms of scientific presentation: papers, presentations, scientific drawings, and posters. The students will learn / gain: 1) the logical and structural form of a scientific paper (or protocol or thesis) so as to communicate their results more effectively; 2) the distillation of the key information out of a project and its focused presentation in a lecture or poster; 3) experience with constructive criticism in a group setting as well as the critical assessment of scientific studies; 4) experience with scientific English; and 5) the art of scientific drawing, including the making of high-quality photo montages for papers or posters through microphotography and digital editing.