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11.12.2023 03:51:44
mat950 - Discrete Mathematics (Course overview)
Department of Mathematics 6 KP
Module components Semester courses Wintersemester 2023/2024 Examination
Hinweise zum Modul
Reference text
Im Zwei-Fächer Bachelor Informatik ist dieses Modul im Basiscurriculum zu studieren.
Examination times
after the end of the lecture period
Module examination
Written exam or oral exam.

Bonus points can be earned.
Skills to be acquired in this module
• Getting to know and to understand the axiomatic structure of mathematics and the importance of mathematical reasoning
• Mastering basic mathematical proof techniques and their logical structure
• Recognizing the relevance of premises in mathematical theorems: Localization of premises within proofs and possible consequences if premises are not met
• Exemplary acquaintance with further mathematical areas and thus expansion of the student's mathematical knowledge
• Getting to know applications
• Integration and crosslinking of the student’s mathematical knowledge by establishing relationships between different mathematical areas
• Learning the essential ideas and methods for discrete structures in mathematics
• Knowledge of the fundamental concepts and methods of graph theory
• Knowledge of the fundamental concepts and methods of algebra and number theory, such as groups, rings, fields, residue class rings, Euclidean algorithm, Chinese remainder theorem, polynomials.
• Knowledge of further concepts and methods for discrete structures, e.g. primality tests, RSA, graph-theoretical algorithms