Stud.IP Uni Oldenburg
University of Oldenburg
20.01.2022 23:54:32
bio255 - Basics in Biochemistry and Cell Biology (Course overview)
Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences 9 KP
Module components Semester courses Wintersemester 2021/2022 Examination
Notes for the module
Capacity / number of participants 30
Module examination
Skills to be acquired in this module

++ biological knowledge
++ knowledge of biological working methods
++ biologically relevant knowledge in the natural sciences and mathematics
+ statistics & scientific programming
++ interdisciplinary knowledge & thinking
++ abstract, logical, analytical thinking
++ deepened expertise in biological specialist field

The field of molecular ecology examines relationships among genotypes, phenotypes and the environment to explain evolution and diversity of organisms. The lecture will introduce basics in genomics, molecular evolution and population genetics to explore properties of the genome and the organism from an evolutionary perspective. Central aspects are the adaptation of species to their environment and ecological change, speciation, the genetic basis of phenotypic change. Methods and data used in genomics and molecular ecology will be introduced during the lecture and exercises.