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26.06.2022 21:33:04
bio240 - Flora and Fauna (Course overview)
Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences 10 KP
Module components Semester courses Wintersemester 2015/2016 Examination
Study trip
Notes for the module
Reference text
Modulverantwortung Teil Fauna (Wintersemester): Dr. Thomas Glatzel
Modulverantwortung Teil Flora (Sommersemester): Prof. Dr. Dirk Albach
Time of examination
Botany: Written examination before the end of the lecture
Zoology: Written examination before the end of the lecture
Module examination
1 written examination (Botany 50 %)
1 written examination (Zoology 50 %)
ungraded minutes

Additional conditions regarding attendance and ungraded activities as determined by the persons responsible for the module will apply.
Skills to be acquired in this module
To determine species-rich taxa and to verify the results independently using relevant literature