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University of Oldenburg
28.09.2022 15:20:30
phy613 - Advanced Physics II (Course overview)
Institute of Physics 6 KP
Semester courses Sommersemester 2020
Form of instruction: Seminar
Hinweise zum Modul
Module examination
1 writen exam oder 1 präsentation oder 1 oral exam oder 1 seminar paper
Skills to be acquired in this module
Theoretical Physics III: Quantum mechanics (M.Ed.):
The students obtain competencies to identify application situations of quantum mechanics and to solve standard problems as well as to be able to impart knowledge properly (i.a. at schools).

General Relativity:
The students acquire basic knowledge in the field of general relativity as well as of aspects of astrophysics and cosmology. They obtain skills for a confident application of modern methods of theoretical physics. These include in particular differential geometric concepts and quantitative analysis of advanced problems of theoretical physics. They enhance their competences to effectively deal with sophisticated problems of theoretical physics, to independently develop approaches to current issues of theoretical physics, and to comprehend common concepts and methods of theoretical physics and the natural sciences, in general.

Thorough understanding of acoustics and ability to make quantitative descriptions of phenomena in physical acoustics such as mechanical oscillations, acoustical wave propagation, reflections at boundaries, room acoustical properties, diffraction, and electro acoustical systems. Understanding of important concepts such as acoustical impedance, Q-factor, resonances, near and far field, standing waves, room modes, etc..