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Universität Oldenburg
25.06.2022 00:08:28
psy112 - Research methods II - Statistical Learning (Veranstaltungsübersicht)
Department für Psychologie 6 KP
Modulteile Semesterveranstaltungen Sommersemester 2022 Prüfungsleistung
R seminar voluntary
Hinweise zum Modul
Enrolment in Master's programme Neurocognitive Psychology.
end of summer term
Prüfungsleistung Modul
The module will be tested with an oral exam (25 min).

Required active participation for gaining credits:
attendance of at least 70% in the mandatory seminar (use attendance sheet that will be handed out in the beginning of the term).
Goals of module:
Building upon the basic knowledge in multivariate statistical modeling covered in psy111, after completion of this module students will know how to deal with big data to address empirical questions in neurocognitive psychology. They will be able to solve prediction and classification problems to the realm of basic and applied statistical/machine learning purposes. Furthermore, students will understand the specifics of applied research and the statistical modeling of noisy, longitudinal data.

++ interdisciplinary kowledge & thinking
++ statistics & scientific programming
++ data presentation & discussion
+ independent research
+ scientific literature
++ ethics / good scientific practice / professional behavior
++ critical & analytical thinking
++ scientific communication skills
+ group work