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19.01.2022 19:29:03
phy505 - Lab Project I (Veranstaltungsübersicht)
Institut für Physik 9 KP
Modulteile Semesterveranstaltungen Wintersemester 2021/2022 Prüfungsleistung
  • Uneingeschränkter Zugang 5.04.637 - Laboratory Project I Lehrende anzeigen
    • Dr. rer. nat. Sandra Koch
    • Markus Schellenberg
    • Ulrich Teubner
    • Prof. Dr. Walter Neu, Dipl.-Phys.
    • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schüning
    • Stefan Wild
    • Lars Jepsen
    • Sabine Tiedeken
    • Volker Braun
    • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Huke
    • Georges Makdissi
    • Prof. Dr. Martin Silies

    Donnerstag: 09:00 - 13:00, wöchentlich (ab 21.10.2021), Gruppe A
    Donnerstag: 14:00 - 18:00, wöchentlich (ab 21.10.2021), Gruppe B
    Termine am Montag. 18.10.21 16:00 - 18:00

    This lecture is currently scheduled to take place in presence. Please keep informed about the current Corona situation and security procedures. Lab project I has to take place at the University of Applied Science/Emden. Lab project II is related to the specialization. Please subscribe to the list of lab projects I in time, as announced. Introductory class will be given online. Participation at the introduction session and final session is mandatory. Detailed project information can be given by the supervisor. List of Projects: see "Dateien".

Hinweise zum Modul
Basic laboratory course I & II
Prüfungsleistung Modul
2 Prüfungsleistungen: 1 Hausarbeit (Gewichtung 1/3) und 1 Praktikumsbericht (max. 30 Seiten) mit Abschlusspäsentation (max. 30 Minuten) (Gewichtung 2/3)
Laboratory: Knowledge and experience about experimental work, managing experimental work and evaluating results. Design Fundamentals: Achieving basic knowledge in reading, understanding and production of technical drawings, getting and overview about the features of CAD-Software, knowing about the basic principles of designing and dimensioning of machine elements.