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27.11.2022 20:10:31
bio256 - Form and Identification - Flora and Fauna (Course overview)
Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences 12 KP
Module components Semester courses Sommersemester 2021 Examination
  • No access 5.02.241 - Flora - Einführungsvorlesung Show lecturers
    • Prof. Dr. Dirk Carl Albach

    Monday: 14:00 - 16:00, weekly (from 12/04/21), Location: (online)
    Dates on Monday. 26.07.21 08:00 - 10:00, Monday. 26.07.21 12:00 - 14:00, Monday. 23.08.21 08:00 - 10:00, Location: V03 0-C002, V03 0-D002, V03 0-E004 (+1 more)

    Die Klausur wird voraussichtlich in der Woche nach Ende der Vorlesungen liegen.

Study trip
  • No access 5.02.243 - Exkursion Fauna Show lecturers
    • Frank Henrik Donat
    • Dr. Rolf Niedringhaus

    Dates on Saturday. 29.05.21 - Sunday. 30.05.21, Saturday. 05.06.21 - Sunday. 06.06.21, Saturday. 12.06.21 - Sunday. 13.06.21, Saturday. 03.07.21 - Sunday. 04.07.21 08:15 - 19:45, Saturday. 10.07.21 08:30 - 18:00
    Termine werden zu gegebener Zeit bekannt gegeben.

Hinweise zum Modul
exams at the end of the semester
Module examination
1 written exam (botany) 50%, 1 written exam (zoology) 50%, excursion protocols (ungraded), additional requirements regarding presence and ungraded activities as specified by docents responsible for the module
Skills to be acquired in this module

+ biological knowledge
+ knowledge of biological working methods
+ independent learning and (research-based) working
+ knowledge of safety and environmental issues

The module conveys the basic knowledge in animal and plant identification and their diversity. This is essential for all parts of biology concerned with plants and animals. Especially, educa-tion for the field of conservation and schools rely on these expertises. Therefore, topics and methods relevant for these professions are emphasized. Students shall get a basic knowledge of species and learn methods to identify them. This is connected with a systemic knowledge of habitats in Northwestern Germany. Basic evaluation competence in the field of biodiversity, species diversity and conservation is conveyed to sensitize students for a respectful treatment of organisms.