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Legal information

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Oldenburg University is a corporation under public law. It is legally represented by the President.  
Supervisory authority: Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture, Leibnizufer 9, D-30169 Hannover  
Sales tax identification number in accordance with § 27a Sales Tax Law:  DE 811184499  
The names of the persons or institutions responsible for the content in accordance with § 55 Absatz 2 RStV can be found in the footnotes at the bottom of the respective page, in all other cases the university´s internet co-ordinator Volker Burggräf is responsible.  
In addition to this there are remote services, partly running on external servers, for which other persons bear responsibility as can be seen on the respective pages.  
Websites starting with www.<servername.>,, or fall into the responsibility of the respective individuals (as indicated by a name in the URL) or the specific institutions. Oldenburg University accepts no liability for the content of these pages, as they are not official university publications. 


The copyright for any material on the pages of Oldenburg University is reserved. Any duplication or use of such pictures, diagrams, sounds or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the university´s explicit agreement. 

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