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University of Oldenburg
05.12.2023 05:57:59
Legal information

How can I register for exms or cancel the registration.

The registration for exmas or the cancellation of an registration is done here in Stud.IP . You need a TAN for each  action.

When you do have a reason, you can go to the examination office for registrations or cancellations.

From where do I get the TAN-Sheet?

When you start your study you'll get automatically a TAN-Sheet with 50 TAN by post.
You cancreate a new list in Stud.IP  clicking "Deggree progamme" and "My exams" on the left  "TAN-Generation" while using one of the remainig TAN of your TAN-sheet. The TAN on the old sheet can't be used any longer as soon as a new list was generated.

What ca I do when I lost my TAN-sheet or dindet get one (We do not sent TAN-sheet in the beginnning of a study when just an adress in a foreign country is registered)

When you didn't get a TAN-sheet or you lost your sheet. please go to the central information in our central library. Please take an identity document with a phto of yours with you. The TAN of an old sheet can't be used any longer  as soon as a new list was generated.

When it ist impossible for you to go to the library you can write an e-Mail form your university account  to and ask for a new TAN-sheet.  Please attach a s/w copy of your identity document . It has to have a photo on it.