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Title Shock Waves in Membrane-Less Micro Tube
Micro shock waves generated by intense laser pulses comprise a new area of physics which has attracted much interest in the international community. The topic of the present project is the mainly experimental investigation of shock waves in fluids that are generated within small tubes or capillaries. Shock waves are generated either with intense ultrashort laser pulses or by means of a fast magnetic valve. Parameters of the fluid and changes of its state should be investigated mostly with optical diagnostics. The main goal is to understand the related basic physics in detail. The acquired results will lead to future applications in microfluidics, nanotechnology, medical physics, sensor technology etc. Our group has comprehensive experimental and theoretical experience and plays a leading role in that field (see, e.g., Phys. Rev. Lett. 120 (2018) 064501 und New. J .Phys. 19 (2017) 103016).
According to the required qualification the PhD-position is funded with up to E 13 TV-L ("3/4-Stelle").
Home institution Institute of Physics
Type of work practical / application-focused
Type of thesis Doctorate
Author Prof. Dr.habil. Ulrich Teubner
Status available
Problem statement
Your tasks:
Carry out scientific research within the project
Prepare, perform and analyze experiments and smaller simulations
Gain a physical understanding of physics of shock waves on micro scale range
Development of new diagnostics and its application
Write reports and publications, create presentations and present talks and posters, also on international conferences
Take part in all tasks relevant for the project, strong collaboration within the team and with partners
Get introduced in new topics, in particular, such ones relevant for the project

University master´s or diploma degree in physics (or a closely related subject)
Knowledge in fluid/gas mechanics is desirable
Knowledge in laser physics and/or the interaction of intense laser light with matter (and/or laser plasma
physics) would be helpful but this is not a must

Willingness to take part within external experiment

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