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28.05.2023 18:22:46

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Title Paradigm shifts in dissolved organic matter understanding: The persistence of the overturned
The PARAFAC (parallel factor analysis) algorithm has revolutionized the way we treat excitation emission matrices (EEMs) of fluorescence spectrometry. Tensors that are under influence of Beer's law have a general notion of high inner complexity (Eigenvalues) resulting into infomation overlay. But this revolution took place several decades ago. What once was a buzz is now a new normal. Despite the wide application of this new normal, older techniques are still employed and used to corroborate research findings. Where, how and why shall be explored by the master candidate by means of a literature analysis.
You will also be asked to explore science philosophy and by this to shed light on the very fabric of what goes on in science.

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Home institution Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences
Type of work conceptual / theoretical
Type of thesis Master's degree
Author Dr. Philipp Maurischat
Status available
Problem statement
Exploring novel tools of reserach data management e.g.: Reserach Rabbit App
Diving into the foundation of scientific revolutions (see T.S. Kuhns: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions)
Identifiying and screening an ample amount of recent literature on the ambiguity of traditional peak-picking whilst using PARAFAC decomposed EEMs
Created 03/02/23

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