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22.09.2021 10:18:00

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Title Microscope objective with integrated laser-scanner

In this project a laser-scanning confocal microscope will be developed. In such a microscope, a focussed laser-beam is raster-scanned over the sample while at each pixel the intensity of the reflected light is recorded. From the recorded intensity values, a microscope image is reconstructed.

Home institution Institute of Physics
Type of work in businesses
Type of thesis Bachelor's or Master's degree
Author Prof. Dr. Walter Neu, Dipl.-Phys.
Status available
Problem statement

The thesis will include:

- Literature study of existing solutions and patents

- Selecting and testing of available MEMS mirrors

- Selecting and testing of a suitable light source

- Optical design of the beam steering optics

- Optical design of the objective optics

- Mechanical design of the objective assembly

- Design of the alignment procedure of the optical elements

- Development of feedback routine to operate the MEMS mirror in closed loop

- Specification of the electronics to drive the MEMS mirror

- Development of software to stitch the adjacent images together

- Performing experiments to test the performance

Good knowledge in optics, laser, and optical metrology.
Created 10/07/21

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  • Bachelor's Programme Engineering Physics
  • Master's Programme Engineering Physics
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