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23.01.2022 17:41:45

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Title Hyper Dimensional Data in Microwave Microscopy

The Hyper Dimensional Data File (HMSA) Standard is originally initiated by the Microscopy Society of America (MSA), it is aimed as a standardization format enabling the exchange of hyperdimensional microscopy and other microanalytical data sets between different software applications. Apart from providing multidimensional data storage, this file format is also applicable for conventional microscopy and microanalysis data acquisition, such as spectra, line profiles, images, and quantitative analyses, as well as noting the conditions and other metadata of experiments.

Home institution Department of Computing Science
Type of work practical / application-focused
Type of thesis Bachelor's or Master's degree
Author Dr.-Ing. Olaf Hänßler, Ph.D.
Status available
Problem statement

In this thesis the above mentioned quasi-standard will be implemented in our multimodal microwave microscope. various data formats of different microscopes are existing and all of them shall be converted into this standardized file format. In case of a master thesis, a method will be developed after the standardization activities, so that we will finally create a so-called hybrid microscope with image processing and correlation algorithms.

  • Good knowledge of Matlab/Python/C++
  • Basic knowledge of electronics/physics
Created 09/11/21