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28.05.2023 17:28:04

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Title Web-based conference organization tool (COOOOL)
Professional computer societies such as the ACM regularly hold conferences. Conferences such as MobileHCI or AutomotiveUI are prepared by scientists and held at locations worldwide. Oldenburg, for example, was the host for AutomotiveUI 2017. Although the individual conferences run successfully in each case, there is no structured database that collects the essential information from the conferences and makes it available for future years.  Also the planning of a conference has to be worked out by the General Chairs themselves in each case, when which step is necessary. For this purpose, a web-based conference organization tool is to be developed. Central tasks are the familiarization with the question how conferences are organized, the development of an extensive database schema and the web-based creation and maintenance of data and reporting from the conference data. 

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Home institution Department of Computing Science
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Type of thesis Bachelor's
Author Prof. Dr. techn. Susanne Boll-Westermann
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Created 21/02/23

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