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University of Oldenburg
25.05.2022 06:34:16

Personal details

Title Sound perception in everyday life with mobile EEG
This project investigates sound perception in everyday life: How many sounds do we notice and how many do we miss? The participants are equipped with a mobile EEG cap, microphones, and a smartphone. The smartphone runs an app that records the soundscape of the participant as privacy-protecting features. The participants sit in an office and work while they are sporadically presented with tones from different directions. 
Home institution Department of Psychology
Type of work practical / application-focused
Type of thesis Master's degree
Author M. Sc. Daniel Hölle
Status available
Problem statement
Aims of the project
  • examine how well we can identify presented sounds with our app
  • analyse processing of the presented sounds e.g. via ERPs
  • further ideas and hypotheses are welcome
Experience with EEG and excellent Matlab skills.
Created 13/01/22