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09.12.2022 03:40:19

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Title Are looks all that matter? Effect of appearance on noticing AI-based decisions


Self-Service Kiosks (SSK) are a self-standing device that facilitates service seekers (customers/citizens) to receive services autonomously. We encounter SKKs daily, for instance as self-check-out in retail stores, self-check-in in hotels, and airports, automated registration of vehicles in municipalities or automated passport control in airports.​


The current range of tasks performed by SSKs is limited to routine, repetitive work (e.g., scanning items, or payments). We anticipate that using the current AI advancements, SSKs will evolve into smarter machines (we will refer to them as Intelligent Self-Service Kiosks - ISSK). These ISSK will be able to do more than routine work, but instead will be capable of making subjective decisions. In other words, the ISSK will exercise discretionary powers. Discretion is defined as the power given to decision makers to take decisions upon their judgment in certain situations. For example, police officers have discretionary power and can impose or waive a speeding tickets.

Home institution Department of Computing Science
Type of work practical / application-focused
Type of thesis Master's degree
Author M. Sc. Saja Aljuneidi
Status available
Problem statement

Based on an ongoing work in ISSS.KOM project, we observed that the fact that an ISSK uses AI to practice discretion is not always in the foreground, instead other elements of the interaction with the ISSK attract user's attention, such as self-gain (e.g., escaping a fine).

Currently, we have limited knowledge to how the appearance of a ISSK affect the interaction with it. This thesis focus on investigating whether the appearance of the ISSK can be used to bring the AI to the foreground.

RQ: How does the appearance of an ISSK affect citizens awareness of AI.

Task: Students will decide on a specific approach in coordination with their supervisor. An example of an outline/methods is:

  • Choose and simulate a scenario (e.g., in VR, online survey, etc.), in which users seek a service from an ISSK that exercises discretion. (e.g., renewal of expired passport in public administration context, judge in a courtroom, etc.). The possibilities are many, be creative.
  • Create 3 or more different appearances of the ISSK (e.g., human-like ISSK, machine-like ISSK, etc.)
  • Evaluate the impact of the ISSK appearance on users' awareness of the embedded AI

Contact: Saja Aljuneidi -

Previous knowledge in HCI (How to design and run a small studies or experiments, methods to collect and analyze data, etc.)
Created 28/10/22

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