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23.03.2023 18:27:43

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Title DNA sequence analysis and species limits in aquatic Veronica
Veronica subgenus Beccabunga is a group of species that can be found adjacent to or inside bodies of water, like rivers and lakes. Species delimitation is challenging because plants can look very different if they grow in water or on dry soil. Thus, we need a DNA based analysis to disentangle useful characters from those having evolved in parallel or phenotypically plastic ones. We aim to elucidate the phylogenetic relationships in the subgenus, as well as population structure and hybridization patterns by analyzing High Throughput Sequencing (HTS) data. In addition, we want to review herbarium specimens in order to find morphological characters that may help us in delimiting closely related species.
Home institution Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences
Type of work practical / application-focused
Type of thesis Master's degree
Author M. Sc. Christoph Nehrke
Status available
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DNA extraction, Nanopore sequencing, genotyping-by-sequencing, bioinformatics analysis methods, microscopy

Created 25/01/23

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