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28.05.2023 18:10:19

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Title Producing an automated tool to extract colour from research imagery
The Forel-Ule scale and the Munsell Soil Colour charts are two day to day and hands on applications to judge colour of water bodies and soils, respectively. But colour interpretation by the human eye is always biased. The more precise recognition and classification of colour is key to store and prepare research findings.  For a training dataset the candidate will explore tools to recognise colours, quantify and lastly classify them according to the Forel-Ule, Munsell or RAL colour scale. The output of an out-of-the-box R code chunk that can be used for research and brought to further development is desired.

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Home institution Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences
Type of work practical / application-focused
Type of thesis Master's degree
Author Dr. Philipp Maurischat
Status available
Problem statement
Preparing a script in R to recognize and quantify colour from a training dataset
Acquaintance with software such as R  :   322-2179-1-PB.pdf 
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  • Master's Programme Environmental Modelling
  • Master's Programme Landscape Ecology
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