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05.12.2023 13:38:32

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Title Integration of OPC-UA PubSub into 4diac FORTE – IEC 61499 Runtime Environment
We aim to integrate the OPC UA standard for data exchange, specifically OPC UA PubSub which follows the publish subscribe pattern, into the runtime environement FORTE of the modeling standard for industrial distributed systems IEC 61499. Experience in one or more of these subjects is an advantage, but not a requirement. You'll have time to learn the ropes.
Home institution Department of Computing Science
Type of work practical / application-focused
Type of thesis Master's degree
Author Friederike Bruns, M. Sc.
Status available
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Please, contact me via mail with brief introduction to your former studies to set up an appointment and discuss details on this thesis topic and general procedure.
Created 29/08/22

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  • Master's Programme Computing Science
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