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27.11.2022 19:01:21

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Title Game of Life in Co-Simulation with mosaik
The Game of Life is a popular example for a cellular automata and simulations in general. We want to be able to build cellular automata in mosaik, so that the Game of Life can be integrated as one example of cellular automata. In the implementation, mosaik shall be at the core to connect the cells of the cellular automata. The challenge is to allow different rules for the cells to have an adaptable implementation. Additionally, the connection of the cells via mosaik, possibly many cells, in a simple way is a challenge. Lastly, the scheduling so that the computational overhead is small with high numbers of cells is an interesting simulation challenge.

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Home institution Department of Computing Science
Type of work practical / application-focused
Type of thesis Bachelor's
Author M. Sc. Frauke Oest
Status reserved
Problem statement
  • Programming in Python
  • Simulation and Simulation Theory
Created 01/06/22