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12.06.2021 18:42:35

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Title Do pandemics change the calculus in climate policy?
The likelihood of pandemics such as COVID-19 may be linked to climate change. This might change the damage cost estimates for climate change as captured by the social cost of carbon and hence the desirable stringency of greenhouse gas emission reductions and increases in the global average temperature.
Home institute Department of Business Administration, Economics and Law
Art der Arbeit konzeptuell / theoretisch
Abschlussarbeitstyp Bachelor or Master
Author Prof. Dr. Christoph Böhringer
Status verfügbar
The thesis should review the literature on the interplay between climate change and the likelihood as well as the economic damages triggered by pandemics.
microeconomics, climate economics, public economics
Created 19/04/21

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  • Master's Programme Sustainability Economics and Management
  • Bachelor's Programme Sustainability Economics
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