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23.03.2023 18:41:15

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Title Implementation and evaluation of an agent-based and self-organized approach to energy product-related coalition building.
Within the scope of the thesis, a process for the formation of coalitions in a multi-agent system will be implemented using an example from the energy domain.

This process includes the phases of product portfolio optimization of an agent, neighborhood determination, coalition formation as well as payoff distribution. When developing the proposal, a focus can be placed on one or more phases in this process.

Thematically, the topic is hung up in the areas of multi-agent systems, coalition formation, and digitized energy systems. 

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Home institution Department of Computing Science
Type of work practical / application-focused
Type of thesis Master's degree
Author Torge Wolff, M. Sc.
Status available
Problem statement
Erste Kenntnisse im Bereich Python sowie Multi-Agenten Systemen sind von Vorteil, aber nicht unbedingt notwendig. 
Created 28/02/23

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  • Digitalisierte Energiesysteme
Degree programmes
  • Master's Programme Computing Science
  • Master's Programme Business Informatics
  • Master's Programme Environmental Modelling
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