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23.01.2022 17:35:35

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Title Title tACS after-effects studied with ear-EEG in everyday life
The Experimental Psychology Lab and the Neurophysiology of Everyday Life Group offer a joint master thesis on the long term effects of tACS stimulation. Using smartphone based mobile ear-EEG, we want to know for how long the power of the alpha oscillation is elevated after tACS stimulation. 

tACS, when used in the lab, is often seen to cause after-effects (i.e. elevated neural oscillations, beyond the duration of stimulation). It is thought that these effects arise from neural plasticity, and it is also observed that the effects may depend on the current brain state and context of the stimulation (e.g. were participants stimulated with eyes open vs. closed or during task vs. rest). In this project we study the after-effects using a wireless, mobile EEG system which allows to record brain activity of more than 4 hours (it is not entirely clear how long these after-effects last) outside standard lab environment (e.g. allowing participants to move freely, read, watch a movie, eat, drink, etc. showing that after-effects can be elicited and measured in less controlled environments). So, far 14 datasets have been collected. In the offered master thesis we would like to continue this project, acquire more datasets using the cEEGrids and the nEEGLace, and to analysis the existing and the newly recorded dataset. The project can be finished within 6 months.  If you are interested in the topic please contact or
Home institution Department of Psychology
Type of work practical / application-focused
Type of thesis Master's degree
Author Martin Georg Bleichner
Status available
Problem statement
Acquire more data. 
Analyse data using Matlab.
Experience with either tACS or EEG are a plus. Good command of Matlab. 
Created 11/11/21