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Course catalogue

Course catalogue

English - Master of Education Programme (Special Needs Education)

Section Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4 5 6
ang311 - Advanced Language Skills Exercises (1 UE im WS + 1 UE im SoSe)    
ang612 - Periods and Key Figures in Literary and Cultural History Course selection (1-2 LV (VL/SE/UE/TU/Projekt))      
ang613 - Regional Literatures and Cultures Course selection (1-2 LV (VL/SE/UE/TU/Projekt))      
ang614 - Genres: Cultural, Historical and Theoretical Perspectives Course selection (1-2 LV (VL/SE/UE/TU/Projekt))      
ang615 - Motifs - Themes - Issues (and their Media) Course selection (1-2 LV (VL/SE/UE/TU/Projekt))      
ang616 - Language Acquisition and Psycholinguistics Lecture      
ang617 - Language Variation and Change Lecture      
ang618 - The Language System: Functionalist and Systemic Approaches Lecture      
ang619 - Contexts of Language Teaching and Learning Course selection (1-2 LV (VL/SE/UE/TU/Projekt))      
ang620 - Teaching Literature and Culture Course selection (1-2 LV (VL/SE/UE/TU/Projekt))      
ang621 - Combined Module Course selection (1-2 LV (VL/SE/UE/TU/Projekt))        
ang622 - Elective Module Course selection (1-2 LV (VL/SE/UE/TU/Projekt))        
mam - Master´s Thesis Module Seminar (in Sonderpädagogik)