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Course catalogue

Course catalogue

Ecumenism and Religions - Master's Programme

Section Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4
the611 - History of Christian Conduct of Life and its Relevance for the Present (Church History) Lecture      
the621 - Intention, Impact and Biblical Hermeneutics (Biblical Theology, OT or NT) Lecture      
the631 - Christian Concepts and Conduct of Life in Ecumenical Discourses Life in Ecumenical Discourses (Systematic Theology, Ethics/Dogmatics) Lecture      
the641 - Religions in Plural (Science of Religion/Jewish Studies) Lecture      
the651 - Religious Development and Religious Education in Church and Society (Religious Education) Lecture      
the711 - Year Abroad VA-Auswahl (an externer Universität)      
the721 - Practice Oriented Project Project      
the731 - External Semester at the University of Vechta: Catholic Theology VA-Auswahl (an externer Universität)      
the741 - External Semester at the University of Bremen: Science of Religion VA-Auswahl (an externer Universität)      
the751 - External Semester at the University of Potsdam: Jewish Studies VA-Auswahl (an externer Universität)      
the761 - Emphasis on Ecumenical Studies in Oldenburg Forschungsprojekt + SE + VL oder 2 SE      
the771 - External Semester: Individual Theological Focus VA-Auswahl (an externer Universität)      
the811 - Issues of Identity in Church and Religion Lecture      
the821 - Religion in Church and Society Lecture      
the831 - Professionalization (Compact): Ethics Course or seminar      
the841 - Professionalization: Ethics Lecture      
the851 - Occupational Professionalization (Compact) Course or seminar      
the861 - Occupational Professionalization Lecture      
the871 - History, Theory and Practice of Ecumenism Lecture      
the881 - Free Professionalization I      
the891 - Free Professionalization II      
the911 - (World) Religions in Context Lecture      
the921 - Professionalization (Compact): Interreligious Dialogue and Conflict Management Seminar      
the931 - Professionalization: Interreligious Dialogue and Conflict Management Seminar      
the941 - Judaism in History and Present (Jewish Studies) Lecture      
the951 - Professionalization (Compact): Old Testament Hebrew or Modern Hebrew Seminar      
the961 - Professionalization: Old Testament Hebrew or Modern Hebrew Seminar      
the971 - Reading of English Research Literature (Theology/Science of Religion) Seminar      
the981 - Professionalization (Compact): Subject Specific English Seminar      
the991 - Professionalization: Subject Specific English Seminar      
Overall Grade
mam - Master´s Thesis Module Colloquium