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Course catalogue

Course catalogue

Art and Media - Dual-Subject Bachelor's Programme

Section Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4 5 6
kum010 - Theory and History of Visual Media Course or seminar        
kum020 - Art History and Media History I Course or seminar (2 Veranstaltungen)      
kum032 - Artistic Practice I Exercises (2 Veranstaltungen)        
kum040 - Art, Media and their Mediation Course or seminar      
Seminar or exercise      
kum213 - Theory and History of Visual Culture Course or seminar (2 Veranstaltungen)        
kum230 - Art History and Media History II Course or seminar (2 Veranstaltungen)        
Tutorial (oder selbstorganisierte studentische Veranstaltung)        
kum243 - Artistic Practice II Exercises (2 Veranstaltungen)        
kum250 - Art Education in Museums and Exhibitions in Schools and other Organizations Course or seminar    
kum261 - Aesthetic Project: Artistic-Scientific Practice Exercises (1 Veranstaltung, 2-semestrig)      
Werkstatt/Labor (optional, nach Bedarf)            
bam - Bachelor´s Thesis Module VA-Auswahl (Kolloquium, Seminar oder Übung)