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Course catalogue

Course catalogue

Education and Research Management - Master's Programme

Section Module Module component
cma100 - Educational and scientific marketing Seminar
cma105 - Legal aspects of education Seminar
cma110 - The economics of education and educational policy Seminar
cma115 - Controlling Seminar
cma120 - Financial management and investment Seminar
cma125 - Organisation and leadership Seminar
cma130 - Project management Seminar
cma135 - Strategic management Seminar
cma140 - Controlling, Financing and Investment Seminar
cma175 - Higher education systems and policies in the European Context Seminar
cma180 - Management of financial resources Seminar
cma185 - Human resource management in Higher education and Researcht Seminar
cma190 - Management of study programs and higher continuing education Seminar
cma195 - Research Management Seminar
cma200 - Diversity Management Seminar
cma205 - Human resource management in continuing education institutions Seminar
cma210 - Educational service management and product development Seminar
cma215 - Networking and regional development Seminar
cma220 - Implementing lifelong learning: New structures and content through lifelong learning Seminar
cma225 - Business Education Management Seminar
cma230 - Approaches to Online Learning: Methods and Models of e-Learning Seminar
cma235 - Instructional Design: Planning, Design and Evaluation of e-Learning Seminar
cma240 - Quality management in educational organisations Seminar
cma245 - Organisational development and counseling Seminar
cma250 - Information and Knowledge Management Seminar
cma255 - Methods of educational research Seminar
cma260 - Conflict management in educational institutions Seminar
cma265 - Management of the Europeanization of Universities and Research Institutions Seminar
cma270 - Selected Aspects of Educational and Research Management Seminar
cma290 - Career oriented module Seminar
cma295 - Part Accreditation of Module 1 Seminar
cma296 - Part Accreditation of Module 2 Seminar
cma297 - Part Accreditation of Module 3 Seminar
cma298 - Part Accreditation of Module 4 Seminar
cma299 - Part Accreditation of Module 5 Seminar
cma275 - Kooperationsmanagement Seminar
cma280 - Innovative Angebotsentwicklung an Hochschulen Seminar
cma285 - Ausgewählte Aspekte des Bildungsmanagements Seminar
cma810 - Ausgewählte Aspekte des Managements Seminar
ma - Master's Thesis Seminar
mam - Abschlussmodul Seminar
bbm105 - Leadership and Human Resource Management Seminar
bbm110 - Controlling, Financing and Investment Seminar
bbm100 - Strategic Management and Organizational Change Seminar
bbm115 - Controlling Seminar
Profil Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsmanagement
bbm000 - Professionalisation Seminar
bbm150 - Research Methods Seminar
bbm190 - Selected Aspects of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Seminar
bbm200 - Introduction to Higher Education and Science Management Seminar
bbm205 - Governance and Higher Education Law Seminar
bbm210 - Management of Study Programs and Continuing Education Seminar
bbm215 - Research and Transfer Management Seminar
bbm220 - Science Communication Seminar
bbm225 - Higher Education and Digitalisation Seminar
bbm155 - Financial management and Investments Seminar
Profil Bildungsmanagement und -technologien
bbm000 - Professionalisation Seminar
bbm150 - Research Methods Seminar
bbm190 - Selected Aspects of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Seminar
bbm300 - Introduction to Educational Management and Technologies Seminar
bbm305 - The Economics of Education and Educational Policy Seminar
bbm310 - Corporate Education Management Seminar
bbm315 - Continuing Education and Programme Development Seminar
bbm320 - Methods and Models of Digital Education Seminar
bbm325 - Legal Issues of Analog and Digital Education Seminar
bbm155 - Financial management and Investments Seminar