inf175 - Special Topics in 'Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems' II

inf175 - Special Topics in 'Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems' II

Department of Computing Science 6 KP
Semester courses Summer semester 2024
Form of instruction: VA-Auswahl
Hinweise zum Modul

No participant requirements


At the end of the lecture period

Module examination

Portfolio or presentation or oral exam

Skills to be acquired in this module

The aim of the module is to integrate the latest developments in the field of “Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems” appropriately into a course of study.

Professional competences
The students:

  • define and contrast special themes in computer science, and reflect on computer science practices in general.
  • recognize and evaluate applied techniques and methods and their limits
  • identify, structure and solve problems/tasks, in new or developing subject areas
  • apply state of the art and innovative methods to solve problems, if necessary from other disciplines
  • recognize current limits and contribute to the development of computer science research and technology
  • discuss and evaluate recent computer science developments

Methodological competences
The students:

  • evaluate and apply tools, technology and methods and utilize them appropriately
  • combine new and original approaches and methods creatively
  • reflect on problems/tasks, including new or developing subject areas in their discipline and apply computer science methods for investigation and resolution.

Social competence
The students:

  • integrate their skills into team processes

The students:

  • pursue the further development of computer science in general and in this particular sub-field critically.
  • innovatively conduct professional activities effectively and independently.