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18.07.2019 12:59:45
pb085 - Soft Skills
Version from 11.01.2017 6.0 KP Department of Computing Science
Courses Sommersemester 2019
  • 2.01.085 - Soft Skills headache
    • Elke Wilkeit

    The course times are not decided yet.
    In den Übungskursen des Moduls Soft Skills werden ausgewählte Inhalte der Vorlesung vertieft und geübt.

Notes for the module
Reference text
Participation in the exercises is mandatory since they are part of the examinations.
Module examination
Practical Exercises during the semester, written exam at the end.
Skills to be acquired in this module
In this module, students have the opportunity to become more concious of their general skills, attitudes and knowledge elements, so-called key skills competences and to develop them in a targeted manner. While expert knowledge is constantly changing, key competences are of lasting value for solving problems and acquiring new competences, even expert knowledge.

During the lecture methods of Soft Skills are underpinned and justified by relevant scientific insights from
e. g. psychology, education, and social sciences. The students collect and reflect practical experience with selected subjects during the exercises. 

Professional competence
The students:
  • identify characteristic properties of scientific texts
  • reflect aspects of the use of media
Methodological competence
The students:
  • moderate teamwork using the moderation method
  • practise to receive and to give constructive feedback
- plan and realize little projects
  • create presentations and reflect the presentations of others
  • try methods of rhetoric
  • reflect methods of project management
  • apply and compare creativity techniques
Social competence
The students:
  • check out feedback and meta-communication
  • reflect the opportunities of teamwork
  • gain basic knowledge about conflict management 

The students:
  • use methods of time management
  • reflect their dealing with criticism and that of others
  • learn about the challenge of assessment centers and reflect their possible roles within