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06.02.2023 01:21:23
pre042 - Water and Biomass Energy
Institute of Physics 6 KP
Module components Semester courses Sommersemester 2023 Examination
Hinweise zum Modul
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Within the lecture Hydro and Marine Power an excursion to a hydropower plant and the catchment area will be offered. The duration of this excursion will be in total 5 hours.

It is recommended to know the basics of photosynthesis.
End of Winter Semester
Module examination
Written Exam and active participation
Skills to be acquired in this module

After the completion of the module students should be able to

-       critically evaluate and compare two Renewable Energy conversion processes which allow
         continuous power supply on demand (hydropower and biomass energy)

-       confront those systems to a Renewable Energy conversion process with intermittent output
        (marine power)

-       discuss extreme situations in Renewable Energy systems’ source and transfer such situations
        to other Renewable Energy systems

-       analyse various system components and their interconnections within a complex Renewable
        Energy supply system,

-       evaluate the Renewable Energy supply systems’ operational size and efficiency,

-       critically evaluate non-technical impact and side effects when implementing renewable
        energy supply systems

-      understand the basic chemical background of bioenergy-related materials, systems and