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Universität Oldenburg
04.07.2020 02:00:07
wir909 - Strategic Sustainability Management
Department für WiRe (BWL und Wirtschaftspädagogik) 6 KP
Modulteile Semesterveranstaltungen Sommersemester 2020 Prüfungsleistung
Hinweise zum Modul
This module is offered in the summer term. For a more detailed description of course content and organization, please note the syllabus that will be made available via Stud.IP before the beginning of the course.
Prüfungsleistung Modul
Portfolio, presumably consisting of a final report (graded) and a presentation (compulsory but ungraded)
This module provides students with the opportunity to scrutinize firms’ sustainability management from a strategic perspective. Specifically, students learn to evaluate sustainability-related management practices critically, and they are enabled to relate corporate sustainability to a firm’s conventional performance objectives. To this aim, students also familiarize themselves with the scholarly discourse on sustainability that is published in leading management journals.
In addition to broader strategic considerations students become acquainted with the specific sustainability-related challenges in global supply chains and begin looking at sustainability from an inter-organizational perspective. Furthermore, students will be enabled to frame sustainability aspects as springboards for more innovative and entrepreneurial firm behavior. The theoretical foundations of the module will be supplemented by practical examples. Students will also refine their reading, writing, presentation, and discussion skills in the module. Moreover, the exposition to some major theoretical developments and to empirical research methods applied in academic studies can prepare students for their master thesis.

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