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13.08.2020 08:12:54
lök120 - Geoecological Processes
Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences 6 KP
module components Semester courses Sommersemester 2019 Examination
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    • Robert Hentschke, Dipl.-Ing.
    • Dipl.-Ing. Christian Renken, Sicherheitsingenieur

    Dates on Wednesday. 03.04.19 14:00 - 16:00, Wednesday. 15.05.19 13:00 - 15:00, Location: W03 1-161 (Hörsaal), A02 2-203
Notes for the module
Capacity / number of participants 30
Time of examination
Before the end of the module
Module examination
Skills to be acquired in this module
Upon successful completion of the module the students will gain:
- advanced skills in analysing a landscape unit
- a thorough knowledge of geological, pedological, hydrological, hydrogeological, and botanical relationships within an ecosystem
- a thorough knowledge of the genesis and properties of Northwest German soils
- a thorough knowledge of hydrological and hydrogeological properties of Northwest Germany
- a fundamental knowledge of national and international soil systematics
- the qualification to ecologically record and assess soils (including humus form)
- the ability to perform soil ecological interpretations