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University of Oldenburg
23.07.2019 22:47:32
wir866 - Business and Legal Chinese II
Version from 02.02.2017 6.0 KP Department für WiRe (VWL)
Courses Sommersemester 2019
Course type: Seminar
Notes for the module
Module examination
oral exam or
written exam or
Skills to be acquired in this module
At the end of the course, successful students:
• recognize and read more than 400 Hanzi and understand simple letters and stories about everyday life situations,
• understand simple diaglogues in familiar contexts when pronunciated slowly and clearly,
• are familiar with Chinese intonation and can correctly reproduce it in pronounciation in simple dialogues,
• provide important information and can make and react to proposals,
• can identify frequently occurring radicals in Hanzi unknown to them
• write the pen strokes in Chinese characters in correct sequence
• write simple letters, dialogues and essays on familiar topics.