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University of Oldenburg
21.07.2019 00:52:16
pb263 - Scientific Work In Economics
Version from 09.03.2017 6.0 KP Department für WiRe (BWL und Wirtschaftspädagogik)
Courses Sommersemester 2019
Projektorientiertes Modul
Notes for the module
Reference text
This module is part of the project FliF+. (“Forschungsbasiertes Lernen im Fokus +” / “Research-based learning in focus +”)
Module examination
portfolio (max. 5 parts)
Skills to be acquired in this module
Upon completion of the module, students will:

- Understand and apply scientific procedures in working on economic subjects.
- have acquired competence in the research field of economics.
- have acquired competence in scripting a scientific paper.
- have gained competence in project management, teamwork, and communication.