Stud.IP Uni Oldenburg
University of Oldenburg
20.07.2019 17:35:18
pb150 - Introduction to biological Data Analysis in Matlab
Version from 20.12.2016 6.0 KP Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences
Courses Sommersemester 2019
Notes for the module
Entry requirements
information meeting
Reference text
three week block course in semester break
Module capacity 24
Module examination

Bonus up to 20% for exercises
Skills to be acquired in this module
+knowledge of biological working methods
+biologically relevant knowledge in the natural sciences and mathematics
++statistics & scientific programming
+interdisciplinary knowledge & thinking
++abstract, logical, analytical thinking
+independent learning and (research-based) working

The students are to learn:
to use the Matlab programming environment
to understand biological data processing, modelling and simulation
to plan simple software for data analysis and simulation independently and to develop it
in Matlab