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University of Oldenburg
28.09.2023 02:52:59
inf368 - Current Topics in 'Microrobotics and Control Engineering' I
Department of Computing Science 3 KP
Semester courses Wintersemester 2023/2024
Form of instruction: Course or seminar
Hinweise zum Modul
No participant requirements
At the end of the lecture period
Module examination
Presentation or oral exam
Skills to be acquired in this module
This module integrates current developments in the field in adequate study courses.
Professional competences
The students:
  • define and contrast a computer science part, in which they are specialised, in detail or evaluate computer science in general
  • recognise and evaluate applied techniques and methods of their subject and are aware of their limits
  • identify, structure and solve problems/tasks, also in new or developing subject areas
  • apply state of the art and innovative methods to solve problems, if necessary from other disciplines
  • are aware of the current limits and contribute to the development of computer science research and technology
  • discuss and evaluate recent computer science developments
Methodological competences
The students:
  • examine tasks with technical and research literature, write an academic article and present their solutions academically
  • evaluate problems/tasks, including new or developing subject areas of their discipline and apply computer science methods for solutions and research
  • schedule time processes and resources
Social competences
The students:
  • communicate with users and experts convincingly
The students:
  • pursue the overall and special computer science development critically
  • develop and reflect self-developed hypotheses to theories independently