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University of Oldenburg
23.07.2019 22:52:12
lök100 - Data Modelling
Version from 16.03.2017 9.0 KP Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences
Courses Sommersemester 2019
Course type: Exercises
Notes for the module
Module examination
Skills to be acquired in this module
  • Basic methods of explorative statistics and adequate application of statistical tests relevant to ecological data.

  • To learn, interpret and apply methods of habitat modelling
  • To understand the fundamentals of spatial explicit analysis of species-environment relationships as well as the fundamentals of spatial prediction of environmental requirements in species
  • To adequately analyse measured and observed spatial data applying methods of spatial statistics and geostatistics, respectively

  • To learn and to understand relevant methods of multivariate analysis of vegetation data
  • To be able to interpret and to assess the results obtained as well as the relevant literature
  • To be able to apply the treated methods independently
  • To learn and to improve skills in using the statistics software R