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21.09.2020 04:33:43
bio810 - External Research Project
Institut für Biologie und Umweltwissenschaften (IBU) 15 KP
Modulteile Semesterveranstaltungen Wintersemester 2019/2020 Prüfungsleistung
Projektorientiertes Modul
Hinweise zum Modul
External research projects are done on an individual basis. They are supervised by one person from Oldenburg and a local supervisor at any university or research institution in Germany and abroad. Please contact Gerhard Zotz ( for details. See (Learning Agreement for External Research Module)
Prüfungsleistung Modul

++ deepened biological expertise
++ deepened knowledge of biological working methods
++ data analysis skills
++ critical and analytical thinking
++ independent searching and knowledge of scientific literature
++ ability to perform independent biological research
++ data presentation and discussion in German and English (written and spoken)
+ teamwork
++ project and time management
++ statistics & scientific programming

Students perform individual research projects to learn:

• planning and organization of a research project in a group outside of University of Oldenburg
• formulate a scientific hypothesis
• planning, performing and analyzing experiments and / or simulations
• working with scientific background literature on the specific context of the project
• oral presentation and discussion of backgrounds and results in the lab seminar
• write a scientific report in publication format
• prepare and present a scientific poster

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