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21.01.2022 01:04:32
sow659 - Social Geography
Department of Social Sciences 6 KP
Semester courses Wintersemester 2021/2022
Course type: Lecture and seminar Course type: Lecture and seminar
Notes for the module
Module examination

Portfolio comprising:
Group presentation of 15-20 minutes (comprising 30% of the module mark)
Individual fieldwork report of 4-5 pages (comprising 40% of the module mark)
Individual critical essay on fieldwork practice of 3-4 pages (comprising 30% of the module mark)

Skills to be acquired in this module
Through this module, students will be able to demonstrate critical understanding of the process of designing, doing and delivering a research project in the field of social geography. Students will be able to identify and explain geographical concepts – such as place, scale, identity and power - using evidence from desk-based fieldwork that they themselves have designed, collected/collated and analysed. Accordingly, by the end of the module, students should have the skills to carry out a short-term research project despite the challenges of working within the context of a global pandemic.  They will have knowledge of appropriate methodologies and be able to implement them effectively, whilst paying attention to wider institutional and societal infrastructures such as ethical considerations and data protection issues. In doing so, students will gain an understanding of the advantages and difficulties of social science research in the field. They should be able to communicate these critical insights via written academic reports and through oral presentations.