inf493 - Special Topics in Theoretical Computer Science II

inf493 - Special Topics in Theoretical Computer Science II

Department of Computing Science 6 KP
Semester courses Summer semester 2024
Form of instruction: VA-Auswahl
Hinweise zum Modul

The required prerequisites are specified in the details of the assigned course.

Reference text

If more than one course is assigned to the module, you should generally select courses with a total of 4 SWS, e.g. a lecture with an associated tutorial.
Further information can be found in the description (details) of the assigned courses.

Module examination

Fachpraktische Übung und mündliche Prüfungen oder Klausur

Skills to be acquired in this module

The aim of the module is to integrate current developments in theoretical computer science into the degree program in appropriate course formats.

Professional skills

The students:

  • differentiate and contrast a sub-area of computer science in which they have specialized in more detail or reflect on computer science in general
  • recognize and assess the techniques and methods to be used in their special field and their limitations
  • identify, structure and solve problems in new or emerging areas of their discipline
  • apply state-of-the-art and innovative methods to investigate and solve problems, drawing on other disciplines where appropriate
  • recognize the limits of today's knowledge and technology and contribute to the further scientific and technological development of computer science
  • discuss current developments in computer science and assess their significance

Methodological skills

The students:

  • evaluate tools, technologies and methods and apply them in a differentiated manner
  • creatively develop new and original approaches and methods
  • reflect on problems in new or emerging areas of their discipline and apply computer science methods to investigate and solve them

Social skills

The students:

  • integrate their skills into team processes

Personal skills

The students:

  • pursue the further developments in computer science in general and in their specialized field successfully and independently carry out innovative activities in their professional field