phy624 - Optoelectronics

phy624 - Optoelectronics

Institute of Physics 6 KP
Module components Semester courses Summer semester 2024 Examination
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    • Prof. Dr. Martin Silies

    Tuesday: 10:00 - 12:00, weekly (from 02/04/24)
    Dates on Monday, 08.07.2024, Wednesday, 10.07.2024 09:00 - 17:00

Hinweise zum Modul
basic knowledge on optics and solid-state physics
Module examination
1 examination: Exam (30 - 60 minutes) or oral exam (15 - 30 minutes)
Skills to be acquired in this module

The students get a deeper knowledge in modern applications in the field of optics and electronics, especially at the cross-section of both topics, i.e., optoelectronics.

Several applications of optoelectronic will be taught enabling the students to understand basic optoelectronic devices such as photodiodes, solar cells, CCD cameras or fiber-optical systems. In the first part of the lecture a theoretical background will be enabled while in the second part the understanding is deepened in a laboratory work.