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Community-Forum: Online-Conference „Science, Culture, and Postcolonial Narratives”, 13-15 May 2021 - Details
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General information

Course name Community-Forum: Online-Conference „Science, Culture, and Postcolonial Narratives”, 13-15 May 2021
Semester Sommersemester 2021
Current number of participants 21
expected number of participants 500
Home institute Institute of English and American Studies
Courses type Community-Forum in category Community
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Science is at the heart of some of the most vexing questions of global politics today: think, for instance, about the role of science in struggles for environmental justice, in responses to the climate crisis from the Global South, or about the cultural and political repercussions of pandemics from HIV/AIDS to the coronavirus. Science often occupies a profoundly contradictory position in such debates: it may be seen as the cause of environmental degradation, but also medium of diagnosis, and as remedy; it is historically connected to histories of colonial oppression but also to the promises of modernizing, independent nation states; it has sometimes been co-opted by parochial nationalism, yet also promises emancipation for marginalized and disenfranchised people.

This conference, held in collaboration with the German Association for Postcolonial Studies (GAPS), seeks to start conversations on science and culture in postcolonial contexts that bring together fields like postcolonial literary scholarship, science and technology studies, literature and science studies, history and philosophy of science, and the environmental humanities. It will provide new perspectives on themes and debates such as postcolonial science fiction, the concept of the Anthropocene, bio-colonialism, and global disparities in scientific mobility.

As part of the conference, two internationally acclaimed authors will read from their work and join the discussion: Petina Gappah (Zimbabwe), author of Out of Darkness, Shining Light, and Jaspreet Singh (India/Canada), author of Helium and the forthcoming novel Face – a novel of the Anthropocene.

University of Oldenburg students and staff can participate without charge by registering for this course by Thursday, 6 May 2021.

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