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Title Location Selection Process for Large-Scale Hyperloop Research Infrastructure

Developing Large Scale Hyperloop Research Infrastructures in European Research Program

Short description:

Hyperloop is a guided transport system in which so-called pods are designed to transport people and goods at the speed of sound in a partially evacuated tube. Within the framework of the “Hyperloop Development Program” a European research initiative, individual technologies, economics and use cases of this system are being investigated.

This project deals with the Execution of a location selection process for a new Large-Scale Hyperloop Research Infrastructure regarding certification of Hyperloop as a new mode of transport. 

Building on earlier work this project evaluates locations based on criteria and objectives proposed for this process. Improvements are suggested and implemented in the process. Future steps and a roadmap are outlined for upcoming research on Hyperloop in a Large-Scale Research Infrastructure. 

Supervisor other departments (e.g. economics) by arrangement.

Please reach out and visit for more information. We are happy to supply you with more detailed information of the research program.

Home institution Institute of Physics
Type of work conceptual / theoretical
Type of thesis Bachelor's or Master's degree
Author Lukas Eschment
Status available
Problem statement


  • Evaluation of Locations for a Large-Scale Hyperloop Research Infrastructure
    • Develop the Selection on economic, technical, and further relevant criteria proposed in earlier research in the program
  • Suggest Improvements in methodology, criteria and objectives for implementation in the process. 
  • Outline future steps and a roadmap on Research in a Large-Scale Hyperloop Research Infrastructure
Created 01/08/22

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  • Master's Programme Business Administration, Economics and Law
  • Dual-Subject Bachelor's Programme Physics
  • Master's Programme Innovation Management
  • Bachelor's Programme Business Administration for Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Master's Programme Engineering Physics
  • Master's Programme Sustainability Economics and Management
  • Sustainable Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Master's Programme Physics
  • Master Applied Economics and Data Science
  • Bachelor's Programme Business Administration and Law
  • Business Administration (extra-occupational)
  • Master's Programme Management Consulting
  • Dual-Subject Bachelor's Programme Economic Education
  • Bachelor's Programme Physics, Engineering and Medicine
  • Master's Programme Business Informatics
  • Bachelor's Programme Economics and Business Administration
  • Bachelor's Programme Engineering Physics
  • Master's Programme European Master in Renewable Energy (EUREC)
  • Bachelor's Programme Physics
  • Bachelor's Programme Business Informatics
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