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04.03.2024 09:43:29

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Title Migration strategies of little-known Siberian birds
The aim of this thesis is to analyse light-level geolocation data of little-studied Siberian songbird populations and compare their migration patterns with published tracks of other populations.
Home institution Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences
Type of work not specified
Type of thesis Bachelor's or Master's degree
Author Dr. Wieland Heim
Status available
Problem statement
The candidate will analyse original light-level geolocation data using R to estimate migration routes of songbirds from Asia, compile published data of the same or similar species and compare their migration patterns statistically. Geolocation data analyses will be based on the following manual:
The candidate is expected to show a strong motivation to use the R programming language. Prior knowledge of basic ornithology and bird migration in particular will be beneficial. The preferred language for the thesis will be English, with the aim of producing the thesis in a form that can be published in an international scientific journal. No fieldwork is planned for this thesis.
Created 15/01/24

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  • Bachelor's Programme Environmental Science
  • Master's Programme Biology
  • Bachelor's Programme Biology
  • Master's Programme Biology
  • Master's Programme Landscape Ecology
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