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08.05.2021 08:46:04

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Title Distributional impacts of emission reduction policies

Across the globe, energy and environmental policy-driven regulations such as eco-taxes, subsidies, support schemes for renewable energies and emissions trading systems are at the core of the policy discussion on how to transition to sustainable energy systems. These regulations, however, create cost and rents which translate into the incidence for households via changes in commodity prices on the expenditure side and factor remuneration and potential transfers on the income side. Here, students will be required to conduct an in-depth review of the literature on this subject.  

Home institute Department of Business Administration, Economics and Law
Art der Arbeit konzeptuell / theoretisch
Abschlussarbeitstyp Bachelor or Master
Author Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Asane-Otoo
Status verfügbar
Microeconomics, statistics, environmental or energy economics
Created 19/04/21

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  • Bachelor's Programme Sustainability Economics
  • Master's Programme Sustainability Economics and Management
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