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Title Post-mortem analysis of craters in silicon and diamond irradiated by intense femtosecond soft X-ray FEL radiation
Investigations with Free Electron Lasers delivering ultrashort and intense pulses generated at short wavelength have attracted huge interest world wide. In a joint international collaboration an experiment will be performed with intense femtosecond soft X-ray FEL pulses of FLASH at DESY in Hamburg (participation in that experiment itself is possible, but not a must). The intention is to generate craters in silicon and diamond which should allow for characterization of the involved interaction processes. This requires a post-mortem analysis of the craters by means of modern diagnostics as used in science and in industry (atomic force microscopy, con-focal Raman micro-spectroscopy etc.). The opportunity for the student is not only to aquire the necessary knowledge and experience, but as well to collaborate with an international team. The experiment is scheduled for end of 2022. Master thesis work can begin within approximately Dec. 2022 to January 2023 The thesis work is intended to be mainly done in Emden at the Institute of Laser and Optics of the Hochschule Emden/Leer, but work at DESY in Hamburg is possible as well.
Home institution Institute of Physics
Type of work practical / application-focused
Type of thesis Master's degree
Author Ulrich Teubner
Status available
Problem statement
Post-mortem analysis of the craters by means of modern diagnostics as used in science and in industry:

Optical microscopy
(Nomarski/differential interference contrast microscopy)

Non-contact AFM microscopy
Additional techniques that could be applied:

Con-focal Raman micro-spectroscopy
FIB cuts for a limited amount of samples
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)

Getting in-depth knowledge on different microscopy techniques
Taking part in experimental campaigns at FLASH
Working in international team

- interest in experiments

- open-minded for new field of physics and technology

- be willing of learning and application of new measurement methods and instruments

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