Lecture: 5.04.4236 Aeroelastic Simulation of Wind Turbines for EWEM - Details

Lecture: 5.04.4236 Aeroelastic Simulation of Wind Turbines for EWEM - Details

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General information

Course name Lecture: 5.04.4236 Aeroelastic Simulation of Wind Turbines for EWEM
Subtitle Schwerpunkt: Wind & Erneuerbare Energie
Course number 5.04.4236
Semester SoSe2021
Current number of participants 1
expected number of participants 20
Home institute Institute of Physics
Courses type Lecture in category Teaching
First date Tuesday, 13.04.2021 16:15 - 17:45, Room: (online)
Type/Form S
Participants This course is only applicable for student of the "European Wind Energy Master" (EWEM).
Pre-requisites Prerequisite: "Wind Turbine Technology and Aerodynamics", 10 KP at the DTU
Learning organisation This course is NOT offered in the summer term 2020 as there are no EWEM students at UOL. The content is a sub-set of Design of Wind Energy Systems (6 ECTS). Please enroll there.
Lehrsprache englisch
Info-Link http://www.uni-oldenburg.de/fileadmin/user_upload/physik/PDF/Modulhandbuecher/Modulhandbuch_Fach-Master_Physik_2014_2015.pdf#page=27
Miscellanea For those interested in improving their programming skills with python, we use the initiative of DataCamp for the classroom. We will share links to individual interactive online courses. Find more at https://www.datacamp.com/groups/education.
ECTS points 3

Rooms and times

Tuesday: 16:00 - 18:00, weekly (14x)

Module assignments


A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:
o understand the basic concept of an aero-servo-elastic computer code to determine the unsteady aerodynamic loads,
o derive and validate the required parameters to model the aero-hydro-elastic response of a wind turbine,
o identify and interpret the required empirical parameters to correct the blade element momentum (BEM) method with respect to dynamic inflow, unsteady airfoil aerodynamics (dynamic stall), yawed flow, dynamic wake modeling,
o explain the effects of the different models on the resulting time series and validate the code,
o interpret design standards for on- and offshore wind turbines, select the required load cases according to site-specific environmental data,
o identify the dimensioning load cases and calculate design loads for different main components of a wind turbine.

The course focuses on the practical implications and hands-on experience of the aero-hydro-servo-elastic modelling and simulation of wind turbines. The subjects are similar but the treatment is complementary to the parallel course ‘Design of Wind Energy Systems’, which deals with the underlying theo-retical background:
o advanced wind field modelling for fatigue and extreme event loading,
o modelling of wind farm flow and wake effects,
o rotor aerodynamics (e.g. stationary or dynamic effects, comparison of Blade Element Momentum theory and more advanced methods like free vortex methods or CFD),
o structural dynamics and dynamic modelling of wind tur-bine structures (modelling by ordinary or partial differential equations, stochastics, multi body system modelling),
o advanced control of wind turbines,
o design standards, design loads and design aspects of offshore and onshore wind turbines.
The students analyse in pairs a model of an entire wind turbine with the aid of a typical wind turbine design tool like GH Bladed, Flex5 or Aerodyn/FAST.

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