Lecture: 5.04.4258 Basics of radiation treatment planning - Details

Lecture: 5.04.4258 Basics of radiation treatment planning - Details

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General information

Course name Lecture: 5.04.4258 Basics of radiation treatment planning
Course number 5.04.4258
Semester SoSe2024
Current number of participants 16
Home institute Institute of Physics
Courses type Lecture in category Teaching
Next date Friday, 28.06.2024 12:00 - 14:00, Room: W32 1-113
Type/Form VL
Pre-requisites Medical Radiation Physics (5.04.4242)
Learning organisation Knowledge of different treatment planning techniques: 3D conformal, step and shoot IMRT, VMAT
Knowledge of evaluation criteria for radiation treatment planning
Knowledge of different dose calculation algorithms (Pencil Beam, collapsed cone, Monte Carlo)
Own experience in radiation planning
Lehrsprache englisch
Miscellanea Literatur:
Wolfgang Schlegel, Thomas Bortfeld, Anca-Ligia Grosu: New Technologies in Radiation Oncology, 2006, ISBN 978-3-540-29999-8

J.L. Meyer, IMRT, IGRT, SBRT: Advances in the Treatment Planning and Delivery of Radiotherapy, 2011, ISBN 978-3-8055-9681-7

Wolfgang Schlegel; Christian P Karger; Oliver Jäkel: Medizinische Physik : Grundlagen – Bildgebung – Therapie – Technik, 2018, ISBN 3-662-54801-1
ECTS points 3

Rooms and times

W32 1-113
Friday: 12:00 - 14:00, weekly (9x)
Friday, 12.07.2024 12:00 - 14:00
Friday: 12:00 - 14:00, weekly (1x)
(Pius Hospital, Medizinische Physik)
Saturday, 20.04.2024, Saturday, 25.05.2024 08:00 - 13:00


Radiotherapy is a medical domain characterized by close cooperation between physics and medicine. In the vast majority of cases, patients are irradiated with a linear accelerator. The goal here is to irradiate the target region as precisely as possible and to affect as little surrounding tissue as possible. Each patient receives an individual treatment plan. The process by which the linear accelerator is configured for the radiation treatment is called radiation treatment planning.
The aim of the module is to provide students with a basic understanding of the theoretical principles of radiation treatment planning as well as to demonstrate different treatment planning techniques using practical examples. The module includes 8 lectures and 2 practical sessions. The practical sessions take place at Saturdays.