Legal information

Legal information

Contacts in the faculties and institutes with questions about event and module planning


I. School of Educational and Social Sciences



Department of Educational Sciences

Department of Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation


Department of Social Sciences

II. School of Computing Science, Business Administration, Economics and Law



Department of Computing Science


Department of Business Administration, Economics and Law 


Economics Education

III. School of Linguistics and Culture Studies



Institute of English And American studies


Institute of German Studies


Institute of Art and Visual Culture


Institute of Material Culture


Institute of Music


Institute of Dutch Studies


Institute of Slavic Studies


Language center

IV. School of Humanities and Social Sciences



Institute of Theology and Religious Education


Institute of History


Institute of Philosophy


Institute of Sport Science

V. School of Mathematics and Science



Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences


Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM)


Department of Mathematics


Institute of Physics


Department of Chemistry

VI. School of Medicine and Health Sciences



Department of Human Medicine

  • Studiengangskoordination & Veranstaltungsplanung „Molecular Biomedicine M.Sc.“: ( )
  • Lehrkoordination & Veranstaltungsplanung „Humanmedizin StEx“:  Stephanie Baszczok, Dr. Monika Frenzel-Herrmann, Anne Dehlfing ( )


Department of Psychology

Department of Health Services Research